Free Parking Spaces Vanish As Muni-Meters Roll Out


Commuters who drive to the Gravesend Neck Road subway station before hopping on a train to the city were surprised last week when, according to a reader, the Department of Transportation installed Muni-Meters nearby, eliminating approximately six free parking spots.

Our tipster, Auxil B., writes:

Muni Meter mania is sweeping the Bay, as you previosuly reported. What you may not know is that [on the morning of June 15] DoT gobbled up a half dozen formerly free spaces on the north side of Gravesend Neck Road bet e.15 and e 16 street and have Muni-ized them. I wonder if that is legal and does our City Councilman or CB 15 know that? This makes it even harder to find all day commuter parking at Neck Road.

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Well, sure, it’s legal. But does Community Board 15 get notified when new metered spaces are installed?

“No, no, no. DOT does not inform the Board about upcoming work,” Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo told Sheepshead Bites. “The installation of muni-meters is done and I find out when you find out. The Board has no say.”

If DOT is eliminating free parking spaces on Gravesend Neck Road, where else are they doing it?

We asked them just that question, as well as an explanation for why.

They sent no response.

Do you know of any other parking spots in our coverage area that were previously free but became metered when Muni-Meters were installed? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. People what the difference it makes if DOT informs you
    or not….they will do whatever they want to do….why not make people’s lives more
    miserable….and not to give people a brake..So many free spaces were lost by
    damn bike lanes

  2. As with so many city agencies, they are unaccountable and will do what they will.  Their sole purpose seems to be to make the city as difficult a place to live in as they possibly can.  In fact, I think these will not be happy until we, the residents, are driven out of the city!
    It also seems that no politician, State or City, seems to be willing to stand up to them and make them accountable to us, the people who pay their wages.

  3. This place is getting unbearable to live in.  Between the electric bicycles on the sidewalks, crackheads, theives, rodents, filthy gutters…every day it’s something else.  More restrictions, more cost, more of anything that’s disagreeable!  Along with taking more free parking, these meters are just another way to extort more money out of people too.

  4. Now, Now the peasants must pay for Bicycle Lanes, Stadiums for Billionaires and Medicaid for Russian Millionaires. What do you think fines and taxes are for you silly little people? 

    You shouldn’t have a car if you don’t like to pay and you shouldn’t own property if you don’t like taxes, those things are only for rich people and Civil Servant Union members. You should all move into a nice housing project where you won’t have to worry about taxes and rent.Mayor for Life

  5. Now, now my subjects have informed me that people do not pay to use their driveways in Brooklyn. This is an outrage and I have now ordered my DOT Commissioner to immediately impose tolls on all private driveways that use a city sidewalk. The charge will be nominal of $5 a day. The fines for not paying the toll will be $400.

    This way people will be forced to leave their cars at home and take the lovely public transportation and everyone will benefit by coming to know all the other people in the City. I think it is wonderful that I always see the same faces on the subway I take two stops – all heavily armed security personnel in my entourage. You peasants should enjoy similar experience with urban youth.

    Everyone must pay, because it costs a lot of money to have bicycle lanes on every street and pedestrian malls for the homeless. Fines pay for our heroic police to retire at 28 on $75,000 a year pensions and for so many with contracts with the City to live in mansions in Westchester.

    Mayor for Life

  6. Guys, this isn’t a big deal. In 3 years we will have flying cars? Was I the only one who saw the historical documentary “Back To the Future: Part 2” in which they travel forward in time to 2015?

  7. pfffttttt…

    if only we can go back in time to let ourselves know shit like that won’t happen….i wonder what # ipad will be out by then….

  8. I guess there won’t be many vandalized or jammed meters anytime soon. 
    So many people have been issued a ticketed at a broken meter.

  9. Bloomberg and Khan are criminals. All drivers are being punished. Why are we all being branded as evil? This man is the 11th richest person in the world. Everything done by both the emperor and the bike nut in the illegally brought third term should be null and void.

  10.  NO NO NO Not just public transit. Bikes. We must all be like half the clowns that run red lights and pay attention to nothing.

  11. It’s time to stop the war on civil servants, pal.   This Mayor has been balancing the budget on the backs of city workers and others for the past 10 years. Enough. City workers are not the problem. And remember, they are just trying to leave their cars near a subway station so they can take “mass transit” to work. Just like the rest of the slobs that Mayor Bloomberg has so little regard for. Let’s stick together, we are all on the same team.


    You are absolutely right drives being punish…..drivers pay
    for car registration, we pay for gas with taxes that suppose to go towards road
    repairs and improvements, drivers suppose to feed meters and if you don’t you
    get a ticket of $65. They have no shame to charge you $2 convenient fee just
    because you are making payment online and if you late on payment you will get
    hit with nice past due fee…bottom line Fees everywhere. Damn those bike lanes,
    pedestrian islands and now bus lanes (just another excuse for money grab) slow
    down traffic…drivers get all frustrated because of a slow moving traffic…..I can’t
    rely on damn buses and trains when I have a 2 small kids and wife that works
    full time that I need to drive her to work driver kids around…so don’t shove down
    my trough
    damn environmental way of commuting
    to work or to get around.  Look what happens on Emmons Ave these morons
    decided to widen yellow divider in order to make traffic even slower and stress
    people out ….but you know what lets ignore it who cares……Yes mayor and that idiot Khan self-serving assholes

  13. Once again this City socks it to the working class citizen again! It gets harder and harder to live in this City, f u  NYC !

  14. I’ve gotta say, none of the civil servants I know are rich. Or even decently paid. I think we hear about the exceptions far more than anything else. 

  15. You need to live in Afghanistan for a week, come back, so you appreciate what you have, rather than constantly complaining about what is wrong.

  16. So how much longer are we saddled with King Bloomberg?  Does he plan to buy himself a 4th term? 

  17. As Patrick Jane says, “Even the great can be made better”. We all love the USA, Mr guest, but do we really have to be nickled and dimed to poverty?

  18. Can any of the brainiacs who read this Blog tell me if the Repbulicans will field a candidate for Mayor next year?  I feel hopeless knowing that Quinn, Stringer, De Blasio, Liu, and some geek named Tom Allon are the People’s Choices offered by the Demos. And puleese, dont tell me about Raymond Kelly. He ain’t running.


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