Free Parking Spaces Vanish As Muni-Meters Roll Out

Commuters who drive to the Gravesend Neck Road subway station before hopping on a train to the city were surprised last week when, according to a reader, the Department of Transportation installed Muni-Meters nearby, eliminating approximately six free parking spots.

Our tipster, Auxil B., writes:

Muni Meter mania is sweeping the Bay, as you previosuly reported. What you may not know is that [on the morning of June 15] DoT gobbled up a half dozen formerly free spaces on the north side of Gravesend Neck Road bet e.15 and e 16 street and have Muni-ized them. I wonder if that is legal and does our City Councilman or CB 15 know that? This makes it even harder to find all day commuter parking at Neck Road.

Well, sure, it’s legal. But does Community Board 15 get notified when new metered spaces are installed?

“No, no, no. DOT does not inform the Board about upcoming work,” Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo told Sheepshead Bites. “The installation of muni-meters is done and I find out when you find out. The Board has no say.”

If DOT is eliminating free parking spaces on Gravesend Neck Road, where else are they doing it?

We asked them just that question, as well as an explanation for why.

They sent no response.

Do you know of any other parking spots in our coverage area that were previously free but became metered when Muni-Meters were installed? Let us know in the comments!