Feds Give DOT Grant To Improve Jamaica Bay Greenway

The federal government awarded a $1.4 million grant to the New York City Department of Transportation for the Jamaica Bay Greenway Implementation Plan, local Congressman Bob Turner announced on Tuesday.

According to the DOT, the grant will provide for research resulting in an implementation plan for the Jamaica Bay Greenway. The project is aimed at improving parts of the greenway and the connections between them, as well as its access to local communities, transit, and popular waterfront sites.

Just this past week, the RPA sponsored the 4th Annual Brooklyn Waterfront Epic Ride, a bicycle ride along the 14-mile Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, and parts of the 30-mile Jamaica Bay Greenway. This ride coincided with the RPA and the Jamaica Bay Greenway Coalition’s distribution of the second edition of the Jamaica Bay User’s Guide, which has information about the parkland, as well as a map highlighting the greenway’s bike and pedestrian routes.

Perhaps the implementation plan will help enhance future greenway rides, and create a need for another updated Jamaica Bay User’s Guide, to indicate changes.

While announcing the news of this federal grant, Turner expressed the importance preserving and improving national parks and their surrounding transportation, facilitated by grants such as this one.

“National parks and other federal lands are a time capsule that provides visitors a look into our nation’s history and a safe environment for outdoor activities and education for all Americans to enjoy,” Turner said. “This grant will help fund critical improvements to Flatbush Avenue, the Marine Parkway Bridge, Beach Channel Drive, Veterans Memorial Bridge, Cross Bay Boulevard, Shore Parkway, and several smaller connector streets. I am excited for the improvements these funds will create in Queens and Brooklyn.”