Despite Corruption Allegations, Kruger Introduced More Bills Than Senate Colleagues In 2011-2012 Session

Despite being dogged by corruption allegations that ultimately led to his resignation and incarceration, former State Senator Carl Kruger spent his final legislative session in power introducing more bills than any of his colleagues.

The New York Public Interest Research Group’s (NYPIRG) analysis of the 2012 New York legislative session (pdf) revealed that Kruger, former senator of District 27, and Marty Golden, senator of District 22, were the two most active representatives during the 2011-2012 legislative session that wrapped up last month.

Despite his resignation in the end of 2011, during the 2011-2012 session, Kruger introduced a total of 372 bills into the legislature, more bills than any other senator during this term. Of the bills Kruger introduced into the Senate, NYPIRG did not record how many of them actually passed.

In second place statewide, is our other local state senator, Marty Golden. Golden introduced a total of 301 bills during the session. Fifty-five of the veteran Republican legislator’s bills passed in both houses.

“Clearly, Senator Golden has been a productive member of the State Legislature.” stated Jeffery Kraus, Golden’s campaign manager, in a press release.  “Introducing the second most bills of any senator in the last two years, Golden is making an impact.”

NYPIRG has provided the numbers proving politician activity, yet they leave it up to you to decide the rest, saying that judging impact and influence of the legislators in their report is more complicated than just evaluating the number of bills introduced or passed.