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Councilman Deutsch, Build It Back Chief, Tour Neighborhood To Assess Lingering Issues

Bill Iannotti, Councilman Chaim Deutsch, and Housing Recovery Office Director Amy Peterson outside the Iannotti home. (Source: Deutsch’s office)

The following is a press release from the offices of Councilman Chaim Deutsch:

New York City Council Member Chaim Deutsch (D-Brooklyn) was recently joined by Build it Back Director Amy Peterson touring several properties that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. During the visits, Council Member Deutsch and Director Peterson met with homeowners in Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach, visiting families still waiting for financial relief.

“When I brought Build It Back officials to view these homes, there was an instinctive reaction — they saw firsthand how frustrated people had become waiting for reimbursements.” Deutsch said. “My thanks to Director Peterson for joining me in reaching out to my constituents, and giving the people affected by Hurricane Sandy the attention they deserve.”

Last month, Council Member Deutsch’s office was contacted by Bill Iannotti, a constituent who spent his life savings repairing his home and had been seeking reimbursements through Build it Back for over a year. Council Member Deutsch, shortly after visiting his home with Director Peterson, was notified that the Iannotti family should expect to be reimbursed soon.

“I know the Build It Back Program was started with good intentions, but the process of getting reimbursed is far too slow and I began to give up hope. Fortunately, Councilman Deutsch stepped in and helped me recover what Sandy took away.” said Mr. Iannotti. “I am grateful to the Councilman for taking a proactive approach to advocate for all of his constituents.”

Council Member Deutsch will continue working closely with the city’s Build It Back program, which was designed to assist homeowners in repairing their storm-damaged properties. Following Amy Peterson’s appointment to head up the relief program, Council Member Deutsch has renewed confidence that Build it Back will move forward expeditiously.

Council Member Deutsch urges his constituents who need assistance with Build It Back to contact his District Office 718-368-9176.

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  1. Who should 99% of taxpayers pay for the 1% of people who want to live by the water and not have flood insurance?

    You want to live by the water, you want the risk to be flooded, you pay for it.

    Why should tax payers pay for your risk taking actions?

    BTW, may sheepshead bay cottages homes have been falling apart before Sandy.

  2. First off pal, I pay flood insurance every year for instances such as this. I love living by the water, I love Sheepshead Bay which is why I pay higher taxes and flood insurance. Secondly, I am a taxpayer which is why I’m entitled to help from taxpayer funds. Finally, if your going to comment on a story you should proofread your work before announcing to the world that your not only opinionated but illiterate.

  3. So. Flood Insurance should be self sustained.
    FEMA is $30 billion in debt, who Should pay the $30 billion. How are you paying more taxes?

  4. Don’t waste your breath, Will. The only people who understand what we have been going through the last almost 2 years are the people who are living it. I, too, had flood insurance. I was paying 1800.00 a year and never had to make a claim in over 25 years. FEMA isn’t in debt because of Sandy but because in major part to Katrina. I went into this debacle with nearly perfect credit, Now, financially ruined, house in foreclosure, after paying a mortgage for over 25 years. BIB is a joke, all the money being eaten up in administrative costs. I was called back to BIB signup in CI last July 3x because the name on my birth certificate did not match the name on the deed, Because many years after I was born I got married and my name changed. Then I bought a house, a block from the water. Waited 7 more months for my home inspection and then was told I was knocked off the list because it’s a “multi family home”. Actually, a two family is not considered multi family, that’s 3 or more, but I have not been able to explain that because I just leave messages that are never returned. Buildings dept. fining people for work done by rapid repairs. It’s all so ridiculous it would be funny except we will be out on the street soon. The government ignored the warning of scientists, congress is still full of global warming deniers, and lol people listen to things that Pat Sajerk says. Much of this could have been mitigated if government had listened 30 years ago. Good luck to you, Will

  5. Thanks Effin. I’ve lived here for more than forty years. I’ve done everything by the book. Paid my taxes for services I don’t even receive, i.e. street cleaning. I pay for flood insurance, homeowner’s insurance and of course those ridiculous water bills. Do I have this reimbursement coming to me? Damn straight I do. Do I need to explain myself to anyone? No Effin way. Good luck to you. BIB messed up my paperwork also. That is why I turned to the Councilman,
    and I’m glad I did. I suggest you do the same.

  6. I tried Senator Golden, called and left a message that I had a couple of questions. I got a call back from a flunky from his office with a real estate pitch to sell my house. I could write a book!

  7. Golden has too much ground to cover. Too many babys to kiss. Reach out to The Councilman, he has an amazing staff.


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