The Cheap Bite: A Slice At 2 Bros.

The Cheap Bite: A Slice At 2 Bros.
2 Bros. Pizza, 395 Flatbush Avenue Ext. (Photo: Zainab Iqbal/BKLYNER).

FLATBUSH – There are infinite opinions in New York when it comes to pizza, from people looking for what’s the best to those who want what’s the cheapest, and the folks trying to figure out which slice shop balance the two best.

Head to Dyker Heights’ Mias Pizza Shoppe where a regular cheese slice goes for $2.50, just about any pizza joint in Bensonhurst, or step up to Di Fara Pizza on Ave J with each slice setting you back $5 (and $30 for each pie). These are delicious pizzas one can eat with the entire family, but sometimes people just want a quick slice, something appetizing yet cheap.

That’s where 2 Bros. Pizza on St. Marks comes in—just a single buck for one slice of cheese pizza.

This small pizzeria is located on Flatbush Ave Ext., right near the DeKalb BQR station. There’s always a line of people waiting to buy a slice: 2 Bros. is surrounded by Long Island University, Brooklyn Technical High School, and The Brooklyn Hospital Center, so with people coming in during their breaks to grab a bite, it’s always busy. During the middle of the day on weekdays, the shop is bustling with students chattering away waiting for their pizza.

Apart from being cheesy and delicious, the pizza is also rather cheap compared to other shops in Brooklyn. The average slice in the borough costs anywhere from $2.50 to $2.75. Jimmy’s Pizza in Bushwick has slices for $2.75 each and $8.50 for a pie. You can get a slice for $2.50 and a pie for $10.95 at Bella Pizza in Ditmas Park.

Fortunately, at 2 Bros. you can get one slice for $1, or two slices with a can soda for $2.99, which is a popular option. Toppings, though, will cost a bit extra: $1.75 a slice with mushrooms or pepperoni or $14 a pie.

Though there is only one 2 Bros. in Brooklyn, there are 9 more all throughout NY. And for those who want the pizza catered, the option is available in the chain as well.

But cheap pizza does come with controversy. In 2015, several workers from the 2 Bros. chain filed a lawsuit against the company saying they were paid less than minimum wage and nothing overtime, the Daily News reported.

In 2016, our local pizza eatery, San Remo Pizzeria, was accused of underpaying its employees. BKLYNER reported that the shop owed $202,000 in back pay to other longtime employees, as well as additional penalties.

A fresh pie in the case at 2 Bros. Pizza on St. Marks (Zainab Iqbal/BKLYNER)

I was in the neighborhood last week and my siblings had requested—well, demanded—that I bring home pizza. I opted for the large, an 18” pie which cost $8 for the eight slices. I prefer my pizzas to be all cheese (though occasionally I go for veggies), but plenty of folks in line felt otherwise. Some went for sausage and peppers, others for black olives, and some even for the broccoli.

A variety of options fresh out of the oven at 2 Bros. Pizza (Zainab Iqbal/BKLYNER)

For those who’d rather eat in the pizzeria, there are seating options available. But the weather was pretty nice when I stopped in, so many customers grabbed their orders and went to eat elsewhere, perhaps at the nearby Fort Greene Park. Because what’s better than eating a good slice outside on a nice day?


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