Chand Raat Mela On Coney Island Avenue Is This Thursday

Photo: Hassan Iqbal

CONEY ISLAND AVE – The end of Ramadan is near which means so is the popular Chand Raat Mela (Night of the Moon Bazaar). Depending on the moon sighting, Eid al-Fitr (which lasts three days and marks the end of Ramadan) will begin on Friday or Saturday (most likely Friday).

The Mela is scheduled for tomorrow, Thurs. June 14 on the Coney Island Ave strip between Foster Ave and Ave H. It will begin at around 9 pm, after people open their last fast, and will last a few hours.

Every year, the streets get packed with people doing last minute Eid shopping, getting henna designed on their hands, and munching on delicious Pakistani food.

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Here are some photos from the Mela last year.

Photo: Hassan Iqbal
Photo: Hassan Iqbal
Local eateries like Gourmet Sweets are also packed on Chand Raat. (Photo: Hassan Iqbal)

Alternate side parking will be suspended on Fri. June 15 and Sat. June 16 because of Eid al-Fitr.

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