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Investigation Underway in Canarsie Dismemberment Slaying

A photo of Brandy Odom, who was slain earlier this month (Via Facebook)

CANARSIE – After the grisly discovery of the dismembered body of Brandy Odom, 26, in a Canarsie Park earlier this month, police have started to make moves in their investigation, reportedly questioning both her Queens roommate and the roommate’s boyfriend.

Police questioned the pair, who live in Rosedale, but released them after they requested lawyers, reported the New York Post.

Sources told the outlet that police had obtained video surveillance of the man loading something suspicious into his trunk, and police are working to secure a search warrant for the vehicle.

Police are also searching the house of the couple, located in Rosedale, reported the Daily News. Crime scene units were observed searching the house and the backyard for physical evidence.

Additionally, sources told the paper that detectives had looked “extensively” into the phone records of the deceased, and were seeking to obtain a warrant for the roommate and her boyfriends’ phones as well.

The entrance to Canarsie Park at Seaview Ave and East 86th Street. A dismembered body was discovered nearby yesterday evening (Screenshot via Google Maps)

Odom’s dismembered body was found on April 9 by a woman walking her dog in Canarsie Park, near East 86th Street and Seaview Avenue. Odom’s head and torso were found first, then her severed limbs were discovered soon after in another part of the park.

Police believe the remains were found not long after they were dumped in the park.

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  1. I think the people that she live with may know something to fine out lock them up and make them take a lie detector test that’s the only way they’re going to find out who really did it a lie detector test will tell you everything and the police department need to start using that

  2. Make them take the lie detective test and search every car search every room search from head to toe search the backyard search everywhere cuz someone is lying and I think the boyfriend and her got into a big argument and when couples get into a big argument Anything Could Happen someone knows something the roommate know something


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