Brooklyn COVID-19 Numbers & Code Blue

Brooklyn COVID-19 Numbers & Code Blue

The winter is finally here, or at least it feels like it. With it, as we spend more time indoors, COVID-19 is spreading fast, and the higher the rates the faster they seem to be growing.

Of the 20,366 Brooklyn tests, 841 came back positive for a positivity rate of 4.1%. Brooklyn’s Yellow zone is at 6.86% 7-day rolling average as of yesterday, up from 6.13% the day before. Brooklyn’s 7-day rolling is at 3.1%.

These are high numbers, last we had this many confirmed cases was in April, though testing was not quite as widespread.

There were 69 deaths in NYS recorded yesterday. Of those, the city recorded its highest day of COVID-19 related deaths since the spring, with all boroughs sharing the pain. Brooklyn had 2, Queens had 6, the Bronx had 3, Staten Island had 5 and Manhattan had 1.

Citywide 3,198 new positive cases were identified, bringing total confirmed cases to 317,746. Positivity is going up citywide, from 3.9% on Sunday to 4.1% on Monday to 4.3% on Tuesday, making the 7-day average go up to 3.34%.

Yesterday, City’s Health Commishioner Choksi asked all those over 65 or with preexisting conditions (and their households) to stay home and avoid unnecessary interactions.

Today Governor Cuomo is urging more with a new PSA:

“This is a new reality. This is not the same as what we experienced in the spring,” Mayor de Blasio said at this morning’s press conference, because fewer of those who get sick need hospitalization. But – “We are very, very worried about this uptick in cases. There’s a lot we need to do to address it.”

One thing that has not changed is that “the people who are most at risk of that severe infection remain the same groups that have been in that situation before that is people who are elderly and with severe underlying conditions. So, it is very important to keep the guidance that Commissioner Chokshi announced yesterday,” Senior Adviser to the Mayor Dr. Jay Varma urged.