Brooklyn COVID-19 Clusters: Latest 10/1

Brooklyn COVID-19 Clusters: Latest 10/1

NYC Department of Health (DOH) has not sent out a daily update on the areas of concern yet, so the information we have is the same as yesterday for these individual clusters.

Additional information was released on locations of COVID Block Parties – we have two coming up, where an entire block will be converted into a testing site to test up to 500 people a day.

Starting tomorrow, October 2, there will be one COVID19 block party site at Avenue U and W13th Street by Spumoni Gardens, and another at Kings Highway and E15th Street by the Kings Highway subway stop.

Mayor Bill de Blasio could not stress enough this morning the importance of getting tested so the city can track down and isolate those infected.

“If you live in one of these affected ZIP codes, imperative – if you haven’t been tested, go get tested. It will help us understand exactly what’s going on and how to address it.”

He said there “on the ground in the 10 ZIP codes right now, 1,000 City personnel who have been out there doing education efforts, free masks distribution, inspections, a huge amount of masks distributed, schools were visited, nonpublic schools were visited, businesses were inspected – 130 warnings issued yesterday, 16 violations. So, again, the warnings, if not heeded, lead to violations and can also lead to the closure of a school or business. But we are seeing, thankfully, overwhelmingly, a growth in compliance.”

Like yesterday, city officials stressed that there is no herd immunity to COVID-19 in NYC in any neighborhood. With increased testing, the city hopes to have a lot more information available in the next 24 hours.

Mitchell Katz, President and CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals,  reminded that “masks are needed both outdoors and indoors, especially in places of business. So many stores in our city, our small stores, there’s not a lot of room. It’s important that people have the masks so that we don’t infect each other, or the people who work there. Wear a mask when shopping for groceries, at the department store or picking up take-out. It protects the workers and other customers.”