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Brighton Beach Proctologist Convicted For Fraud


A Brighton Beach proctologist was convicted last week in Brooklyn Federal court for $3.5 million of fraudulent practices involving Medicare and several private healthcare organizations.

Boris Sachakov of Colon and Rectal Care of New York in Brighton Beach, was arrested in October 2010 for fraudulent medical claims in which he said he performed more procedures than any other proctologist in the nation. However, investigators concluded he was merely billing insurance companies for no treatment at all – and, in some cases, totally implausible claims such as charging more than $60,000 for 85 hemorrhoidectomies on a single patient in 20 months.

According to the New York Post, Sachakov allegedly yelled and threatened to punch his prosecutors for pointing at him during his trial. A short hearing pertaining to this incident was held after the trail.

Sachacov faces up to 10 years in jail and a fine of $250,000. He has now been placed in custody, where he will stay until his official sentencing.

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  1. I always wondered how this doc was able to afford television commercials, sometimes in primetime hours.  Now I know.

  2. This “doctor” is a bigger asshole than any of the ones he allegedly treated.  A decade in prison, a quarter million dollar fine, a lifetime bar from working in any capacity in healthcare, and deportation, are the very least he deserves.  Make an example of him and the others who scam the system, because, with increasing healthcare costs and increased micro-managing of service delivery, all of us are victims. 

  3. C’mon, don’t beat around the bush here….

    They really have to go after this. It’s an epidemic of crime, and at this point, it’s hurting the country’s economy badly.

  4. They are going after this. That’s why this guy is going to jail, and why I’ve written more stories about insurance fraud than I care to count. Part of a provision of the health reform was that there would be increased oversight and enforcement, and relevant task forces were created to do that. 

  5. Due to family history, I went to this doc for a routine check. He seemed fine to me. i found him through the company insurance. 


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