Bridgeview Diner = Best Diner In Brooklyn?

Bridgeview Diner = Best Diner In Brooklyn?

We are talking big, open 24-hours, has parking lot category, and while we are yet to eat at a couple, this spot may just be the best in Brooklyn, full stop.

The Bridgeview Diner, located on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, is spotless (which is quite unusual) and always full, yet the service is consistently fast and lovely, with good food and great prices.

It has a bar, booths, and tables, but no jukeboxes at the booths (go to the Floridian for that).

We’ve had breakfast there:

And lunch special: soup, entree, and dessert = $14.95 and unless you are starving it will feed two people, easily.

Chicken soup at Bridgeview Diner
Philly Cheesesteak at Bridgeview Diner

The Philly Cheesesteak that the waitress recommended was melt-in-your-mouth good.

And it came with the standard side of pickles and slaw.

For the dessert that comes with the lunch special, the options were danishes, pudding, and — something else I forgot to note — chocolate pudding that was way better than we had expected.

Good any time of day.

Bridgeview Diner is located at 9011 3rd Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. 718 680 9818.


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