Brennan & Carr’s Gets A Mouth-Watering Shout-Out

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A nice mention for one of Sheepshead Bay’s finest and most mouth-watering establishments.

Brennan & Carr’s (3432 Nostrand Avenue) received a shout-out in Eater NY from a blogger who’s no stranger to the neighborhood. In addition to writing for Eater, Brooks of Sheffield runs Lost City, a blog capturing a lot of New York before it gets, well, lost. And they recently covered a couple of other stores in our area.

But back to Brennan & Carr’s in Eater NY. The article marveled at the roast beef in particular, and even drops a knowledge bomb on us local know-it-alls:

I do wonder at anyone who does not order the roast beef here. It is easily one of the top 25 things you can eat in New York. Succulent and flavorful. One of the scions of either Brennan or Carr (I don’t know which) explained why this is. The restaurant has had a relationship with the same Iowa beef provider for a half century (There’s that knowledge bomb). It’s a matter of trust and quality between these two. The same beef is passed through Brennan and Carr’s 60-year-old meat grinders to make the hamburgers. Only two men are allowed to touch this ancient grinder.

We’re getting hungry just reading about it. Thanks for visiting, Brooks/Eater!