Brennan & Carr Considering Expansion?

Brennan & Carr (3432 Nostrand Avenue) seem to really love their Facebook page, using it to connect with fans and pump up the rivalry with Roll-N-Roaster. Now, they’re musing on a second location. They asked, “If another B&C was to open up, where would an ideal location be?”

Here’s a screenshot of the status update:

Seems like they’re looking to expand and open a new location outside Sheepshead Bay. A lot of commenters begged for an opening on Long Island or Staten Island, where the residents of Sheepshead past have moved to. A number of them are also saying Florida. As for us, we want to see it across the street from Roll-N-Roaster. That’d really throw some beef on the simmering feud.

But wait, don’t get too excited. We called Brennan & Carr and an employee there told us they have no plans for such an expansion. Despite the extreme popularity of their Facebook page, and the professional feel of it, they told us they have no affiliation with the page and don’t know who runs it. But can’t a boy dream?

If Brennan & Carr opens a second location, where do you think it should be? Should it be nearby, or far away? How about a small location at Coney Island? Maybe a swanky new pad in Park Slope? The city? Out of state even? Let your voice be heard!