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Bay Diagnostic Named AAA’s Station Of The Month

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Recognize this auto-shop? It’s the one that has a sign on its garage door that says “blow horn to open.”

Bay Diagnostic, located at 1717 Gravesend Neck Road, has been named station of the month by AAA, after servicing the Brooklyn community in the field of auto-repair for the past 25 years. They specialize in BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Volkswagen, Audi, Porshe, and Mini Coopers.

This past year, Bay Diagnostic became an AAA approved auto-repair shop, and this month, they were featured in AAA’s magazine.

It always rocks when local businesses get some national cred!

What are you favorite local auto shops?

Thanks to Thomas C. for bringing it to our attention.

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  1. I found them to be reasonably priced and providing good service. Their prices are not cheap, nor are they excessive, right inline.

  2. I would not go there for an oil change (overpriced), but I have used them for more complex issues in the past, and the prices and expertise are on-par with those of a Ford dealership, minus the long wait.

  3. They are really overpriced. I had them quote me some jobs for my bmw and they wanted about 2x what I ended up paying at a very reputable shop specializing in German cars.

    I would love to take my car there in the future as the shop I go to is about 30 minutes away in Queens, but it’s not worth it for the more complex jobs such as a cooling system overhaul.

  4. This is easily the best bodyshop in the neighborhood.  I used to have a Mercedes out of warranty and I would only trust them with it.  Its more expensive but you know they know what they are doing with luxury cars

  5. I bought a used car from them several years ago and it’s still on the road. Two other people I know had no problems at all with used cars bought there.

  6. There is no Dealership at Nostrand and P, do you mean maybe Nostrand and KingsHighway or Nostrand and Ave N?

  7. Keep in mind a specialist does bulk business with those kinds of parts and thus had less overhead and were able to charge less for their services.

  8. I only use Miracle Collision onE14th St , off neptune for body work . Great family business thats been serving south BK for over 25yrs . Machanical work , tuff call!

  9. its the labor that kills, I usually bring my own parts anyways. They do everything by what the book time is. The other place charges close to the actual labor time it takes.

  10. Unitek Auto Center located at 2807 West 15th St.. Best prices, and best service. Have been servicing there for years


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