Assemblyman Colton Calls For More Free Wi-Fi In Southern Brooklyn

Local Assemblyman William Colton has been advocating for the installation of additional sources of free wireless internet around Southern Brooklyn.

Colton expressed that he feels it is unfair that wealthier neighborhoods in northern Brooklyn and Manhattan are dominating much of the city’s free internet service at parks and public spaces. He said that his constituents deserve to be serviced as well as those residing in other areas.

“Many here feel that the city often caters to the needs of the few and privileged elsewhere and leaves us stranded,” Colton said in a letter fierce letter sent to the City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, according to the New York Post. “We pay our taxes like everyone else, and we are entitled to the same level of services just like everyone else.”

Following his letter, the Parks Department said they will be adding free wireless internet to the Coney Island beach and boardwalk, MCU Park, Manhattan Beach, Marine Park’s Nature Center, and possibly Owl’s Head Park in Bay Ridge.

Colton will be holding a press conference later today announcing the new locations.