As The Select Bus B82 Route Gets Implemented, More Issues Surface

Select Bus lane marked along Kings Highway

KINGS HIGHWAY – As the NYC Department of Transportation rolls out the new route, more neighbors are objecting, this time north of Ocean Avenue. In particular – residents are confused as to why new stops are being created that are not colocated with the existing ones.

Raymond Boyce said he’s been asking the Department of Transportation to put a raised island near Kings Hwy and Avenue K since 2015, to provide some form of protection for patrons crossing the busy intersection, he said. This year, instead, DOT planted a select bus service kiosk in front of his home.

“I’ve been hoodwinked, I’ve been deceived,” Boyce said.

Earlier today, Tuesday, City Councilman Jumaane Williams and residents along the Flatlands corridor of the B82 accused DOT of not listening to the concerns of residents, yet again.

While Williams approves of the select bus service route  — a rear stance from the cries of lawmakers who oppose the new route  — the councilman charges concerns of residents in the area being ignored.

Select Bus Service B82 Stop along Kings Highway

“They did this with minimal concern of the community and complete disregard to the concerns that they have,” Williams said. The councilman suggests SBS stops would work best at existing B82 stops which have more traffic and named Kings Hwy and Flatbush Ave as a good option.

“You’ve got to ask yourself, why is everything after Flatbush Ave. done differently,” said Boyce. Williams said everyone in the district said Kings Hwy is the best location for a bus stop.

The bus service, which connects East New York to Coney Island and connects all of Southern Brooklyn’s subway lines  — L, B, Q, F, N, and D has received pushback from elected officials at its western end.

Some elected officials argue the dedicated bus lanes for the SBS will cause congestion. While others argued the plan is a direct affront against women. DOT has reworked the proposals a number of times, trying to accommodate concerns – mostly to do with parking for the local businesses along the more commercial stretch of Kings Highway. The current plan there seems to be Alternative 2 discussed here, with dedicated bus lanes by the subway stops and restricted left turns

Kings Highway SBS B82 Stop

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Kadia Goba

Former Politics Reporter for Bklyner, covering Brooklyn politics and Crown Heights/PLG/Bed Stuy. @kadiagoba


  1. Another big issue.
    Look what they did on Ave. P between Ocean Ave. and East 21st St.
    Ave. P always had 2 lanes going East. Now suddenly after you cross Ocean Ave. there is a bottle neck – only ONE lane! Even before schools started there is a backup spilling back on Ocean Ave. This creates a mess on the intersection when light changes to green along Ocean Ave.
    I don’t know who designed this, but this is ridiculous! How can you squeeze traffic on a busy Ave P from 2 lanes to only one?
    Imagine what will happen here starting tomorrow…

  2. Replying to myself:
    The reality is even worse than i thought. Because of this bottleneck, Avenue P is backed up all the way down from Ocean Avenue to Coney Island Avenue and even farther!
    Well done, DOT, “very nice improvement”. Congratulations!

  3. They just put the SBS on Cropsey Ave which mind you is in front of the bus depot. We already have the B82 & B6. Back to back bus service – Why put the SBS there. To top it off from what we hear one side of the street will be a layover for the buses which knocked out approx 12 parking spots. We have no where to park and now they do this. Not good at all and something needs to be done.

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