62nd Precinct Says, Give Us Your Fireworks!

Source: Tom Harpel via Wikimedia Commons

New Yorkers may have fewer places to go see exotic color fountains splash in the night sky next week on July 4.

This upcoming Saturday, the New York Police Department will host “Fireworks Amnesty Day,” to dissuade the use of fireworks. The NYPD is encouraging individuals to drop off fireworks anonymously to the 62nd Precinct.

No fines will be given out to anyone bringing fireworks – which are illegal in New York City – to the precinct. The police are merely holding this day to discourage the use of fireworks.

Every year, individuals are injured accidentally by fireworks, said the NYPD. They feel that safety comes first, before entertainment of the public.

Thousands of people are injured each year as a result of firework mishaps. According to the 2004 Annual Firework Report, around 9,600 individuals in America were treated for firework injuries in hospital emergency departments in 2004 alone. Six thousand and six hundred of these injuries occurred between June 19 and July 19, most likely as a result of the rampant amount of fireworks displayed in honor of the July 4 holiday.

Also in 2004, eight firework accidents resulted in fatalities. Amongst them was a four-year-old child from Missouri, who was at her house where a party was hosted, and fireworks were displayed. While standing on her porch, she was struck in the face with a piece from the device’s launching tube. She was taken to the hospital, placed on life support, and died two days later.

If you’d like to participate in “Firework Amnesty Day,” visit the 62nd police precinct at 1925 Bath Avenue any time on June 30, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.