6 Picks For Hot Chocolate In Park Slope


PARK SLOPE – Though winter has only just begun, the season has already left an unforgiving frigid mark across the northeast. What sweeter way is there to beat the winter blues than enjoying a nice big cup of hot chocolate?

Here are some of our favorite places around Park Slope to grab a rich, warm mug of chocolatey goodness.

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The Chocolate Room, 51 5th Avenue
Though this is one rich cup of hot chocolate, unlike some others, it’s not so heavy that you take a couple sips and need a break—it’s drinkable to the last drop. We initially tasted their rich hot chocolate at their former location down the block at 86 5th Avenue.

Chocolateria, 228 7th Avenue
This Italian-American café/chocolate boutique/wine bar serves coffee drinks, tea, hot chocolate (“TOP 5 in NYC!”), red, white, and sparkling wines alongside pastries, bonbons, chocolate bars, and much more.

Colson Patisserie, 374 9th Street
A more grown-up hot chocolate, this one is not particularly sweet, but we’ve found it’s perfect for dunking one of Colson’s fluffy, sweet brioche rolls.

Mirror Tea House, 575 Union Street, Gowanus
This artsy café and event space is known for its meticulously brewed Nel Drip coffee but also serves herbal teas, banana milk drinks (including the Gowanus Canal Tea), and hot chocolate, including a ginger version and a spicy hot chocolate with cinnamon, cayenne, and nutmeg.

Nunu Chocolates179 5th Avenue
Nunu has ranked on a few “Top Hot Chocolate in NYC” lists for its signature smooth and not-too-sweet cup. Check out some of their other tempting chocolate offerings here.

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Snowdays Cafe, 214 Flatbush Avenue
A perfect name for this charming shop known for its delicious shaved cream—a cool treat in the warmer months. For colder temps, Snowdays also serves specialty hot chocolates, Intelligentsia coffee, matcha brownies, and Asian-inspired desserts.

Are there any other spots you love in the neighborhood for hot chocolate? Let us know at editor@bklyner.com.

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