5th Avenue Graffiti Complaints

5th Avenue Graffiti Complaints

A reader emailed us last week to express concerns about an increase in graffiti along 5th Avenue.

On 20th street and 5th ave graffiti has gotten so bad that these vandals are writing over each other. Not that it is their fault but how do we get the owners of both these buildings (on both sides of 20th street and 5th ave) to re-paint their walls?

Good question. Jeremy Laufer, District Manager of Community Board 7, tells us that, “in addition to Graffiti-Free NY, these locations should also be shared with the police precinct, so they can photograph the graffiti, and perhaps tie it to other outbreaks, so they can potentially charge the vandal with all his/her crimes.”

graffiti 2

We’re sending addresses for the locations we spotted along 5th, with include buildings on 19th, 20th and 22nd Streets, to CB7 tomorrow morning so they can file a formal complaint. If you know of any other locations in our area that need a bit of attention, send the address to editor@bklyner.com, or contact Community Board 7 directly at communityboard7@yahoo.com.

Let’s work together, and show our neighborhood the respect it deserves.