YWN: “Super Jews” Square Off Over “Super-Jewish” District

As word spreads that Governor Andrew Cuomo may go for the New York State Legislature’s most recent redistricting proposals – despite eery similarities to earlier proposals he had vowed to veto – two local pols debate the pros and cons of a “Super-Jewish” State Senate district stretching from Borough Park to Marine Park.

In the above audio [via Yeshiva World News], Councilman David Greenfield – a Democrat who opposes the creation of a single, heavily Orthodox Jewish district – goes on State Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s radio program to debate the issue.

Assemblyman Hikind, who is also a Democrat, backs the unified district.

Many speculate the district would be a boon to Republicans, due to its residents’ relatively conservative voting habits.

Hikind has been known to break with the Democratic Party at times, “most notably in his endorsement of Republican candidates George Pataki for governor in 1994, and George W. Bush for president.”