Your Booklist in Response to Capitol Invasion, Courtesy of BPL

Greenpoint Library via BPL’s website

In response to the invasion of the Capitol on Jan 6, Brooklyn Public Library has put together a list of books for Brooklynites to read to better understand the historic moment.

The list includes both modern and historical fiction and nonfiction books surrounding socio-political upheaval and the presidency and includes:

  • Alt-America: the rise of the radical right in the age of Trump;
  • Unmaking the presidency: Donald Trump’s war on the world’s most powerful office;
  • Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide;
  • Fault lines in the Constitution: the framers, their fights, and the flaws that affect us today;
  • Playing with fire: The 1968 election and the transformation of American politics.; and
  • The oath and the office: a guide to the Constitution for future presidents.

BPL has made its list available in both physical and digital formats. To get a physical book, check for your nearest open library here

Following CDC guidelines, masks are required for both staff and patrons. If a patron does not have a mask, libraries will give them one to use. In addition, BPL provides PPE for all of its staff and creates social distancing between desks and tables. After the material is returned to a library, it is placed in quarantine for four days before it is made available to the public.

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Anna Conkling

Anna Conkling is a journalist who lives in Brooklyn. She is a senior at The New School majoring in Journalism and Design.


  1. How come we have not heard about the Supreme Court Judge( Kings County) whose son that was involved in the Capital riots. Where five people died, one a Police officer that was murdered.

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