You Might Say it’s a Brew-Haha

You Might Say it’s a Brew-Haha

photo credit: Thingo via Flickr

There’s a poetic roundup of local iced-coffee options in the new Park Slope Reader (at 40 Weight Café, “Flavor goes boom. Vintage taste, alfresco.” Do with that what you will.) Their picks all look delicious, but with so many (so, so many) coffee shops in the neighborhood, the eight featured in the spread are only the tip of the caffeinated iceberg.

As the Reader revels in the simple pleasures of summer, FiPS is in a considerably less rhapsodic mood: the blog points out that the only iced-option at freelancer-haven Gorilla Coffee these days is $4 boxed number that comes in a non-recyclable Tetre Pak. That’s in addition to the probably-also-not-recycled plastic cup. Also, $4.

Really, this is all a long way of asking: where are you getting your fix this summer?


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