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Yooberry Frozen Yogurt Opens On Sheepshead Bay Rd


Three months after we reported that a new frozen yogurt establishment would open at 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road, yooberry removed the paper from its windows and opened for business on Friday evening.

The inside – and outside, for that matter – is bright and colorful, with what appears to be self-serve frozen yogurt machines and a counter full of toppings. It’s a welcome face-lift near the otherwise dark, dingy and dirty B/Q overpass.

Welcome to the neighborhood, yooberry. Sorry you missed the summer, but there’s always next year.

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  1. shouldn’t of went with the shiny white front next to the station,it will be doodoo brown in 6 months…just in time for going out business sale…just saying

  2. YooBerry have really nasty intentions for Russians. I’ll think twice before opening frozen yogurt place in partly Russian area

  3. The storefront does look nice, but missing the summer and now surviving 7 months of cold is going to be a tough challenge. Another challenge, is how to get middle-aged Eastern Europeans and Middle Easter folks into a fruity looking store like this. A third challenge, keeping a battalion of pidgins from annihilating your storefront. Then there is the matter of fighting the Business Curse of Sheepshead Bay, I hope the proper witch doctor has already been called. Survive all these challenges and you got a chance 🙂

  4. Well, i hope it lasts. We need something there just to keep that area under the train clean. Now something has to open next to it, that’s disgusting there.

  5. fruits are really fresh here. i think this place will be kicking some a..s by this summer. and they change flavors of the yogurts every week i guess cuz when i get there this weekend they had 2 new flawors. mango/peach is really fruity and red velvet … yummy i already love this place..

  6. If they make it through the winter months they stand a shot.
    On another not…..
    WTF is it with Discus. If it’s not one problem it’s another. Pay cheep get cheep.

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