Yo, Other ‘Hoods, Sheepshead Bay Is Smarter Than You

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

We’re smarter than you, Futurama. That’s right, we’re so smart we even know that Futurama is a neighborhood in Brooklyn (just don’t ask us where). We also know that “than,” and not “then,” is the correct word to use when making a comparison. We think we’re ready for Jeopardy or, at least, Wheel of Fortune.

But how do we know all this? Because if anyone can identify genius, it’s those number crunchers over at the Census Bureau.

According to statistics the bureau just released, the entire nation has seen some major improvements in educational attainment, a term that basically means the level of schooling achieved. Nationally, there have been significant increases in the population’s obtainment of Bachelor’s degrees, particularly in those ages 25 and older.

Even better than the country doing well? Brooklyn doing better than the country. And even better than that? Sheepshead Bay doing better than Brooklyn.

Sheepshead Bay’s 160,319 residents are above the Brooklyn average for their achievements. Sheepshead Bay’s numbers towered over Brooklyn’s, with large obtainments at higher educational levels. The above graph can give a better picture of some of these numbers.