Would You Call a Random Phone Number to Confess Your Crimes?

Would You Call a Random Phone Number to Confess Your Crimes?
Criminal Apology Hotline

We spotted this sign posted on Cortelyou Road this morning. Art project? Public service? A kind of therapy? Here’s what it says:

Attention amateurs, professionals, criminals, blue collar, white collar
You have wronged people. It is to people that you must apologize, not to the state, not to god.
Get your misdeeds off your chest!
Call Apology *67 (347) 201-2446
The idea of apology is to provide a way for people to apologize for their wrongs against people without jeopardizing themselves. Apology will automatically tape record your anonymous phone call. Do not identify yourself and call from a pay phone or use *67 to prevent tracing. Describe in detail what you have done and how you feel about it. When enough statements have been collected they will be played to the public at a time and place to be advertised.
Apology is a private experiment. Its sole purpose is to provide a new avenue of communication. It is not associated in any way with any police, governmental, religious, or other organization.
When you call you will be alone with a tape recorder.

When you call the number, it rings until a machine picks up. A man reads a part of the statement that is above, ending with “leave your apology after the tone.”

So far, you’ll notice there have been no takers on the little phone number tabs on the sign.


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