‘Worst McDonald’s Ever’ On 18th Avenue Is Now Closed

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

McDonald’s on 18th Avenue and 65th Street has apparently closed up shop for good.

Customers who stopped by the 6419 18th Avenue location today were surprised to find the doors locked and the lights dimmed.

“I came here for nothing!” exclaimed one woman, who was accompanied by her daughter.

While staff were spotted behind the counter when we visited today, signs on the glass windows directed customers to Micky D’s on Bay Parkway.

“Sorry for any inconvenience,” read the signs in all caps.

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

We reached out to McDonald’s for a comment on why the store closed down, but have not yet received a response. However, it is telling that the location compelled people to leave almost exclusively one-star ratings on Yelp, with many reviewers calling it “the worst McDonald’s ever.”

“I was buying food for my dad and service was H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.,” wrote one Yelper. “There isn’t much professionalism between the cashiers and no one seems to be paying attention to customers in line.”

Another added, “I could slaughter the cow, sow potatoes in a field and formulate them into a quarter pounder and fries before I would get my food at this place…STAY AWAY.”

Others complained of outdated decor, the ketchup “tasting weird,” and accused employees of recycling oil. So good riddance, we guess?

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  1. I mean I don’t really like McDonalds either but it’s cheap and it’s better than spending $5 + for a burger.

  2. They Need to close the Mcdonalds on Nostrand Avenue between Avenue V and W for the WORST Mcdonalds EVER TOO.

  3. That one should stay, but just be renovated and have better management. The reason is, it was the very first McDonald’s to open in New York City. It used to have the giant arches on the roof and the retro style, like some new McDonalds are doing. Would be cool if they brought that back to the Nostrand location.

  4. nothing wrong with the store… its the employees. fire the manager.. get someone who knows how to hire and fire all the old peeps and hire better ones.

  5. I agree! I remember how exciting it was to go to that one with my family when it first opened! Coincidentally, not too far away on Emmons Ave was the first Dunkin Donuts in Brooklyn, around the same time.

  6. How is suggesting all McDonald’s be closed, because of how YOU might feel about them, not personal?

  7. Replace most of the cashiers with self order kiosks and hire a few very good people to be cashiers and pay them $15/hr. It will be cheaper for McD, better service and no order mistakes.

  8. I live near by, and I have to agree the customer service is terrible, lol. They don’t give a dam about anything.

  9. My first real job and I worked here when they opened in 1995. If your going to Mcdonalds and complaining about decor you need to get out more. The place always had customers so in spite of the bad reviews people were still going. When I think customer service, I dont think Mcdonalds either

  10. I guess I’m the odd-man-out in my opinion of the 18th Avenue location. I’ve never had a long wait there. They’ve never gotten my order wrong. They’ve never been anything other than pleasant to me.

    I know they charge for extra condiments, but a lot of McDs do that now (along with Burger Kings, Wendy’s, etc.)

    The 18th Ave store is much faster than the one on 86th and 24th (maybe because other people did have problems, so they had fewer customers). I’m going to miss this location.

    (Just FYI, I vote the Burger King on 86th and Bay 29th the worst fast food burger joint in Brooklyn. They actually got a little better since they renovated the store, but the service is still terrible, and they can’t even get a combo meal order right. They aren’t even listed when I do a Google search for them.)

  11. Recycling oil?Happens at every McDonald’s FYI. And certainly was company protocol which was instructed at the Bay Parkway McDonald’s around 2003.

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