Words At The Window: Self Isolation And The Coronavirus (PHOTOS)

Ditmas Park neighbor and Shutterstock’s talented editorial photographer, Stephen Lovekin, was looking for ways to help people feel more connected to the outside world while we are so literally all stuck at home.

He asked neighbors to share a message with the world – anything at all –  personal, political, or spiritual. The outcome is a beautiful series of hope – enjoy!

(And if you like the photos – you can buy them here, 10% of all sales will go to Give Directly, Inc, a charity)

Agnetha Septimus, Matthew Septimus, and children Ezra and Nora, pose for ‘Words At The Window: Self Isolation And The Coronavirus’, a portrait series by Shutterstock Staff Photographer, Stephen Lovekin, shot around the Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Used with permission.

Can you describe some of your subjects in the photos, and how you found them?

One of the women photographed is a 91 year old artist, who lives alone and happens to be my neighbor. She lives alone in a studio on the top floor, where she continues to create artwork. She was the first person I photographed, and I was inspired by her dedication to her work. Through word of mouth and sharing on social, other people were asking me to get involved in the project, and it eventually started a snowball effect. I feel like I’m busier than when things were normal!

What is your favorite image from the project so far?

It’s hard to pick, but probably the “Hope” image. It features a fellow photographer with his daughter and wife. I remember seeing the daughter with her hand on her knees, and her mother came out behind her with the word “Hope,” and I knew that it would be a great group shot. I enjoy shooting children- to see the innocence and naivety in the kids is bittersweet and beautiful.

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  1. Very uplifting article. Bklyner is covering the Coronavirus beautifully and deserves a big thanks for these much appreciated articles. Their dedication has not gone unnoticed.

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