Women’s March 2019 – “Why We Marched”

Women’s March 2019 – “Why We Marched”

Bklyner weaved through a throng of pink hats, strollers and homemade signs of Princess Leia and Trump on Putin’s puppet strings at the third annual Women’s March. Along the Central Park West marching route, we sought out Brooklynites and asked them why Brooklyn is marching this year.

Michael Bouldin, Former editor of “Daily Gotham”, Williamsburg

“We need to protest the state of our country, and do what we can to change it, and this is a small step, but a big step and people can show their thoughts and their concerns.” Candace Hansen, Caterer, Sheepshead Bay

“I am marching as a part of this group called, She Is The Music, women who are out here talking about the inequalities of the music business. Songwriters and producers, they only take up a small segment of the music business really as a whole. Not enough women. Not enough equality. There is only 12 percent of credited songwriters as women and there is only 2 percent of music producers who are women.” Tracy Bonham, Singer & Songwriter, Boerum Hill

“I am marching because I want to dump Trump and all of his horrible policies overall, and I feel that women have a lot of power, and we just need to unite.” (right) Mary Jo Kennedy, Retired, Downtown Brooklyn

“We have had two years of failed policies, racism, homophobia, sexism in the White House and from Trump’s enablers. Enough of this. OK. We’re here to speak out against that.” (left) Jo-Ann Shain, Retired, Downtown Brooklyn

“I am marching to uplift women, support other women, especially for equal right with working and equal pay.” Rachel Joyce, Blogger & Digital Content Creator, Windsor Terrace

“I’m marching today because right now in this world, we’re seeing a lot of division. When I come to the Women’s March, I see unity and strength in all the people around me and that gives me hope. That’s like a dose of hope when every day I feel we’re confronted with just a barrage of divisive, hurtful, racist, sexist news coming out of the White House. So, being around people who want that feel that hope, want to feel that unity, and want to do something about it, gives me hope for the future.” (left) Sarah Burns, Documentary Filmmaker, Clinton Hill

“I used to march to prove that people cared and that somebody would notice how many people cared. These days don’t feel quite like that but you come here and you’re with this many people and you realize you’re not alone. There are many other people who have a sense of sanity, have some sense of decency and want the world to proceed forward and make a difference.” (right) May Herskovitz, Neon Designer, Clinton Hill

“I am marching because I am for the betterment of women and just being amazing and doing what we do and without us where would this country be.” (left) Kayla Williams, College Student, Flatbush

“To be part of women empowerment, to be part of the movement, and to see history change.” (right) Sade Smith, College Student, East New York

“I am marching to support women, support their rights, and to stand up.” Eduardo Santana, Marketing Coordinator, Crown Heights

“I am marching for equality, to end the gender gap and all the other injustices that women face on a daily basis.” Ian Ritch, Graphic Designer, Crown Heights

“I work in a very male-dominated field and I’m really tired of the first thing that people look at is the way that I look like how attractive I am and the fact that I’m a woman and taking that in consideration before they look at my talent and I am so done with this Trump administration. I feel like every time I think it’s not going to get worse, it gets worse.” Emma Huang, Data Scientist, Crown Heights

“For animal rights.” (right) Tabitha, First Grader, Fort Greene

“I am marching with a group of architects for women’s rights, reproductive rights and humanity.” (left) Julia Murphy, Architect, Fort Greene

“Because the man who occupies the White House is a traitor, and he needs to be removed immediately.” (Behind her hook crochet that reads, “Putin’s puppet is my president.”) Deborah Smith, Attorney, Old Mill Basin

“I like to show people what me and daddy can draw and stuff so we worked together to do a lot of stuff [to the sign]. I am marching to make Donald Trump NOT president.” Skillman-Isaacson Family, Kensington