Woman Sought For Trying To Abduct Toddler On 80th Street

Police are searching for a woman who tried to snatch a little girl in Bensonhurst Saturday.

The mother told cops she was talking to a neighbor and that her two daughters — ages 2 and 6 — were playing with the neighbor’s dog on 80th Street and 16th Avenue at around 10am, when a woman with an “odd grin” tapped the 3-year-old on the shoulder and started to play with her, according to reports.

The mother told CBS New York she became alarmed when the woman tried to grab her daughter’s hand:

“The third time she took her hand, she walked a few steps and I told her, ‘What are you doing?’” the mother told CBS2’s Steve Langford.

She said the stranger then picked up her little girl and ran down the street.

“I told her, ‘Where are you going?’ and when I said that she held the girl and she just started to run,” she said.

The mother — identified by Pix11 as Fairouz Alfarez — managed to catch up with the suspect and retrieve her child, but not before snapping a picture of the woman, according to reports.

The suspect, who may be mentally impaired, is described as an Asian woman in her 30s wearing a red-and-black checkered shirt.

Unnerved by the incident, the mother told CBS she no longer feels safe in New York City, and wants to move to Connecticut.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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  1. Why didn’t any of the witnesses follow the woman? Why didn’t anyone try to detain her for police? Did anyone call 911 or try to flag down a patrol car? It doesn’t seem like our neighbors did a very good job standing up for this mother or her children. I’d hide my face, too, so my friends and family wouldn’t know I was so useless in a moment like that.

  2. this Asian probably saw dollar signs in her eyes ready to sell this child they have no respect for human life they sell each other left and right

  3. Wow, get a grip. Generalizing is NOT a fact. It’s YOUR opinion. Yes you’re racist. Now go open your eyes and realize not only Asians abduct kids.

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  7. Is there a number to give information about this lady, I saw her at 1am on 86st and bayparkway in front of instanbul restaurant standing and holding a pink bear and smiling in such a creepy way at everyone.

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  9. It must be bystander effect, and I am afraid we are sometimes guilty of that. There was a man who got mugged and stabbed at Atlantic Avenue for his iPhone, but he was more upset with the surrounding people that did not help him than he was with his attacker.

  10. How pathetic, first the Uzbek comment and now you switch your attention to another group? I actually felt like the site’s administrators were treating you unfairly by deleting your comments, but it is clear that they are doing the right thing.

  11. Eh, you referring to “Rabbi approved?”

    I am about to contact the site administrators about this.

  12. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Emerald. The commenter has been banned.

  13. I admit that I would probably think twice about taking on someone who had a weapon, but I think detaining one woman, or following her while talking to 911 on my cell would be a simple matter, I think.

  14. Rachel? A question about how the site operates. What happens when I hit the “Flag as inappropriate” button? I’ve hit it several times in regard to the “Rabbi”, but I get the feeling that it may only work for Disqus members. Am I correct? I’m just curious if it has any effect in alerting you to troublemakers, or if an email is the best course.

    I find the comment threads on this site to be very helpful, and I hate to see them subverted for purposes of spreading hate in the community.

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