Winter Storm Warning For New York City

By now you’ve probably heard that there’s another storm a-brewing, and it’s scheduled to hit us this evening. Below is a message from the city, issued yesterday via Notify NYC:

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for New York City from 7:00 PM Tuesday until 6:00 PM Wednesday. The current forecast calls for 7-14 inches of snow accompanied by strong wind gusts. The heaviest snow is forecast for after midnight Tuesday night into Wednesday. With visibility expected to be less than 1/4 mile at times, caution should be exercised when traveling. For more information visit

Ahhh! We’re all gonna die!

Okay, maybe not. And I’m betting the city will be on the ball this time around, though garbage collection will continue to suffer.

One little thing not mentioned in the alert – don’t drive! Just don’t.


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