Wings, Heros & Dips: 10 Park Slope Spots That Will Cater Your Super Bowl Party

Wings, Heros & Dips: 10 Park Slope Spots That Will Cater Your Super Bowl Party
Wings at Bark, via FB

If you’re having friends over to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 2, they’re probably going to be expecting some snacks. For those who want to dish out more than a bag of chips and a jar of salsa, several Park Slope restaurants and markets are now taking orders.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional gut-busting 6-foot hero or platters of fancy cheese, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best bets in the area.

You still have a week (or more, in some cases) to get those orders in, and while most require you to pick them up, some do deliver.

1. Bark, 474 Bergen Street
Menu: For a gathering of 10-12 people, chose from a sweet array of options that are $40 each — nachos, 50 buffalo wings, buttermilk-marinated chicken tenders, 20 sliders, broccoli caesar salad, and cheddar-stuffed brats over sauerkraut. Or, get the $160 package that includes all that, minus the chicken tenders.
Order: Online by 9pm on February 1. Pick up only.

2. Bklyn Larder, 228 Flatbush Avenue
Menu: Pick and choose from a menu that features beef and pork chili ($18/quart), a cheese and meats platter ($169 serves 10-12), a spreads platter with hummus and more ($59 serves 8-10), a sandwich platter with choices like prosciutto and butter or egg salad ($69 serves 8-10), mac and cheese ($50 serves 8-10), and football-shaped sugar cookies ($22/dozen).
Order: Call 718-783-1250 by January 29. Pick up only.

3. Bogota Latin Bistro, 141 5th Avenue
Menu: Keep it traditional with chips and guacamole ($48 serves 10-15, $90 serves 20-25), and then take a twist on traditional wings with their jerk or ginger-tamarind varieties (60 wings are $65, with smaller amounts available). Lots of other items on the menu, as well.
Order: Online or call 718-230-3805. Requires 24 hours’ notice

. Pick up, or get delivery for an additional cost.

4. Da Nonna Rosa, 140 7th Avenue
Menu: Why take your chances on waiting for a very busy pizza place to deliver when you can place your order ahead of time? They’ve got two packages: one is two large cheese pizzas, a small salad, and half a tray of wings for $75 plus tax; the other is a 4-foot hero, a medium salad, and half a tray of pasta for $135 plus tax.
Order: Call 718-788 6225. Order as late as the morning of the Super Bowl. Pick up or delivery available.

5. Fletcher’s, 433 3rd Avenue
Menu: They’ve got packages for parties of 4 ($125), 10 ($280), and 20 ($540) BBQ-hungry people, which each include nachos with chopped brisket and queso, smoked wings, St. Louis-style ribs, pit-smoked beans, and pickles.
Order: By January 30, call 347-763-2680, or stop by in person. Pick up, or get local delivery for $10.

6. La Bagel Delight, 284 7th Avenue
Menu: There are packages for parties of 10 ($129.99 +tax), 15 ($149.99 +tax), 20 ($299.99 +tax), or 30 ($399.99 +tax) hungry football fans, and depending on the size, they include things like a giant hero, chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, potato chips, cole slaw, bottles of soda, and more.
Order: Call 718-768-6107 by Friday, January 31. Pick up or delivery.

7. Pork Slope, 247 5th Avenue
Menu: Dish up a tray of pulled pork sandwiches and wings. For $195 plus tax, you’ll get a pork shoulder, 25 wings (either buffalo of BBQ or both), half a tray of cole slaw, half a tray of potato salad, pickles, extra sauce, house ranch, and potato buns.
Order: Requires 48 hours’ notice, contact Amy at Pick up only.

8. Union Market, 754 Union Street
Menu: Why have one dip, when you could have several? They’ll supply yellow and blue tortilla chips alongside guacamole, salsa, jicama spears, and chipotle-spiced sour cream ($59 serves 10-12). They also offer platters of crudités ($119 serves 20-24, smaller amounts available), 16-18 bite-sized sandwiches ($39), shrimp with cocktail sauce ($139 serves 20-24, smaller amounts available), and lots more.
Order: Call 718-230-5152. Requires about 24 hours’ notice. Pick up or delivery available.



, 156 5th Avenue
Menu: The party doesn’t have to be all chicken wings and meatball parms. For vegetarian and vegan options, check out their menu, which include several varieties of empanadas and buffalo “chicken” skewers (each $40 for a half tray, $75 for a full tray), quinoa with curried kale ($60 for a half tray, $115 for a full tray), and a whole wheat lasagna ($70 for a half tray, $135 for a full tray).
Order: Contact and to place an order by January 29.

10. Zito’s, 195 5th Avenue
Menu: They set the bar for a giant party sandwich. Their regular catering menu is available and features 3- to 6-foot heros (priced from $75-$150) including their chicken parm, the Italian meat and cheese stuffed Autogrill, and more. They’ve also got wings ($24/two dozen), prosciutto balls ($24/two dozen), pastas ($50/tray), and more. Plus, order food for your Super Bowl party, and you can get a $10 growler to go.
Order: Call 718-857-1950. Requires 48 hours’ notice.

Any other local places you’d recommend for catering a Super Bowl party? Share your favorites in the comments below.

Photo by Bark