Windsor Terrace Attempted Break-In Caught On Camera [Video]

A home security camera in Windsor Terrace captured video of a man trying to open a locked front door to a 3-family home on Prospect Avenue between 9th and 10th Avenues, just before midnight on Thursday, May 3.

On the video, the perp is spotted jimmying the door handle and peeking inside, before he discovers the camera and obscures himself from the lens. He is wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and a red baseball cap.

The video was posted to a Windsor Terrace facebook group, inviting many comments and shares from concerned neighbors. “No one knew him and he cased the block for an hour before tried to get in a few houses,” said the facebook post.

This is a freeze-frame of the man’s face, captured from the video by a commenter:

Neighbors notified the police about the break-in attempt, but commenters urge people to share the video and stay alert.

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  1. That’s the face and the reason kids don’t play outside in Windsor terrace anymore.

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