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Windjammer In a Jam


(NYC Department of Buildings Screenshot 10/9/08 11:50 a.m.)

The New York City Department of Buildings has issued violations to 3206 Emmons Avenue Realty, LLC for the unsafe Windjammer Motor Inn.

Gene Berardelli, attorney for the Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association, informed us that last Thursday, 10/2/08, officials investigated the motel for complaints regarding unsafe conditions. Violations were served this morning to hotel management for failing to provide natural light and ventilation for 15 of its interior rooms.

Another cause for concern is that these rooms are potential firetraps. According to a customer service representative reached by phone, there are no windows in the affected rooms. If a fire originated from the hallway, motel patrons would not be able to escape, because there are no alternative means of egress.

The manager was not immediately available for comment. Mr. Berardelli feels that the situation at the Windjammer is begging for a solution, especially since the area across the street is slated for development as The Brigham Street Park Project.

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