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Why Is It Always The Nice Cars?


Another tree went down yesterday morning on Avenue V and East 13th Street. The branches did damage to the roof and the front window of the car and blocked eastbound traffic until mid-afternoon. Neighbors said that about a week and a half ago another large tree limb fell on the north side of Avenue V. Our tipsters noted that the tree was not healthy and suffered from rot, not to mention the city had carved the branches to make room for power lines.

It’s not the first time this has happenedof course.

Thanks to nolastname and Lisanne for the tip and photos.

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  1. Con Ed carves out sections of trees to make way for the power lines. It makes the trees look ugly but I doubt it if that effects the tree’s health.

    The part about the rot, though is significant. Courier-Life ran a story a few weeks ago how residents of Dyker Heights had been unsuccessfully trying for three months to get the City to prune or cut down diseased trees. It was confirmed by an arborist that they were in fact diseased. As long as the Parks Department retains its ten-year pruning cycle, incidents like this will become more frequent. Experts say the cycle should be every two years.

  2. Carving out the middle does indeed affect the trees. The weight of snow and ice stresses the structure of even a healthy tree. More that half the trees in this area are in need of treatment or just taken down.
    I mentioned on another blog 2 years is proper pruning. Some trees can go longer but 10 years is out of the question.
    I have mentioned several times going back more than 20 years how the trees along certain highways were dangerous. At least 2 people have been killed since I first brought it up.
    I am not an arborist but I can spot sick trees.
    The green stuff growing on some types of trees is spreading to other varieties.
    After Bloomie had started everyone rip up their sidewalks in one of the hottest weeks of the summer it weakened some trees health and rooting system.
    Then he wants citizens to water the trees on their sidewalks. Yeah pay the water tax.
    Courier-life is slow.

  3. After they reconstructed the sidewalks on my block 25 years ago, they damaged the route structure of the trees and they all started leaning toward the gutter.

  4. It is really at epidemic proportions. Walk with me and I will point out so many neglected trees and their different ailments. Don’t have the foggiest idea of what the diseases are called but they are all over inside and out.
    Tree rot, fungus, mold, ants running up and down the trunk, insect burrows at the base of the trunk, gaps between the base of the trunk and the soil line, uprooted sidewalks(if you notice a lot of the newer sidewalk work has shifted with all the rain fall), stress cracks in the bark of a leaning tree or branch….I can go on but what do I know. I could not prune a tree if Bloomie gave me cart blanche….NOT>

  5. Are the telephone poles leaning also? WHile i am asking are the street manhole covers even with the blacktop?

  6. No. The telephone poles are straight and I haven’t noticed any problems with the manholes. When the streets were reconstructd, I bleieve I heard that all the trees’ roots on the street side of the curb were chopped off. It seems that that is what caused the trees to lean.


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