Why A News-Paper?

Why A News-Paper?
Kadia Goba and the stack of newspapers

KENSINGTON-DITMAS PARK-FLATBUSH –  We at Bklyner mostly think of ourselves as internet people, and we’ve been bringing you news about various Brooklyn neighborhoods for almost a decade, online.

But we keep hearing from our readers and advertisers that neighbors miss the stories they care about. It turns out that Facebook isn’t actually very reliable for delivering you real neighborhood news. We are, and we’re putting it right in your hand, and we are starting in Kensington|Ditmas Park|Flatbush – because that is where we are – on Coney Island Avenue.

Turns out we have readers among our printers. Sheepshead Bay, we have not forgotten about you.

So this experiment in paper is about delivering news to you where you live, face to face and hand to hand, only in the neighborhood. We hope you’ll tell us what you think, and share the stories we should be telling.

How is this different from online?

These are condensed versions of the stories you can find on our site online. We thought eight pages would be plenty, but we were quite wrong – there is a lot more on the Bklyner.com, including the extended versions of the stories we have chosen for the print issue.

Will you print again?

Maybe. We don’t know yet.  We have more than enough stories we publish online that we can share in print, so let us know if you want us to – email print@bklyner.com. Think your neighborhood needs one? Drop a note.

What do I do with this thing when I’m done with it?

Our newspaper is printed on 100% recycled paper, and it makes a great lining for your kitty box, birdcage, or compost pile.