Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood: Rosalind De Innocentiis of Roro Cakes

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood: Rosalind De Innocentiis of Roro Cakes
Rosalind De Innocentiis of Roro Cakes

“I was only three years old when I began boiling water,” Rosalind De Innocentiis said as we followed her into her kitchen. Her house, one of the largest on Ocean Avenue, is famous for its blown up carousels and snowmen that line her lawn during Christmas. She lives with her mother, daughter, and son.

Rosie in Her Play Kitchen as a Child

Rosie in her play kitchen as a child.

As we sat in her sunny kitchen, her three-year-old nephew played in the next room.

“There are always a bunch of kids running around here,” she said.

Rosie’s parents bought the property 30 years ago, and it is very much their home, filled with family memorabilia and art. As a single mother, Rosie has supported her children with various careers including working in finance, doctors’ offices, and as a make-up artist. But her passions were always artistic, and in her free time she worked to master whatever creative project she chose.

“I have to have a sense of pride in whatever I do,” Rosie said. “Whatever I develop is my own.”

Of course the proof is in the pudding, and when Rosie pulled the mini-cheesecakes from the oven, the kitchen filled with an amazing aroma.

“I am happiest putting a smile on someone’s face,” she said, which was good, since there were smiles all around as we bit into her tasty confections. The cheesecakes and cupcakes were unbelievably delicious: creamy, moist, and original. They lived up to every claim, and more. Immediately, we put in an order with Roro Cakes, her new baking business.

And lucky for us, Rosie quit her corporate job in August to devote herself full-time to baking. Currently she is talking to local businesses about carrying special-order cupcakes and other tasty treats.

Roro's Graduation Cake

Not only are her baked goods delicious, but they are also beautiful. This graduation cake is covered in frosting-made flowers, each petal created by hand.

Rosie prides herself on being flexible and reasonable. Dinner parties, graduations, special events, and birthdays: Rosie does it all.

Right now Rosie is offering a first time 15% discount for Ditmas residents only! Contact her at roro_cakes@aol.com or 646-331-8954, and be sure to follow her on Facebook.

Roro's Cupcakes


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