Where To Watch the Olympics in Park Slope

Where To Watch the Olympics in Park Slope

The Olympics are here! Well, actually they’re not here, and it seems like thank goodness for that. But since we’re not hosting, it seems like we can actually enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed: on TV, from a distance, with constant commentary.

If you’re without a TV — or, say, have a significant other who is decidedly less enthused than you are about gymnastics (not speaking from personal experience!) — Patch has put together a guide to watching the games around Park Slope. From the obvious (200 Fifth) to the less expected (Burrito Bar has a private room for small group Olympic watching?), it seems like we’ve got options. Brokelyn’s got a list, too, and while it’s less Park Slope-centric, they’ve included  a handful of (hyper)local listings . Let the daytime drinking begin!

As we wait for the opening ceremonies to start (4pm EST), here’s a pre-Olympic reading list, in vague and debatable order of usefulness:

Time Out New York explains all of the sports.

The Brooklyn Paper rounds up all the Kings County competitors.

Gawker takes a look at sports they’re pretty sure aren’t actually sports (but are).

WNYC considers what the city would look like if we were hosting the 2012 games.

Brokelyn surveys the various things you could buy with a gold metal (81 rides on the Cyclone, among others).

The New York Observer tries to determine whether Park Slope fencer Race Imboden is hip or unhip.