Where to Watch Election Results Tonight in South Slope

Where to Watch Election Results Tonight in South Slope

Already on pins and needles about tonight’s election results? Take a deep breath, grab some friends and head to one of South Slope’s watering holes for support (and a few tasty beverages).

The Black Horse Pub (568 5th Avenue) is combining Sandy relief and election fun tonight. For every drink purchased, the pub will donate $1 to recovery efforts. Better still, they’re starting the night off with a $500 donation. Crazy cool, Black Horse.

Skylark (477 5th Avenue) is promising “good people, good drinks and mediocre dance moves” (Whatcha wanna bet Romney can shake a serious groove thing?) tonight with food by Good Fork.

Freddy’s (627 5th Avenue) has results rolling in on the backroom’s big screen starting at 7pm.

Election coverage will start on Cafe Steinhof’s (422 7th Avenue) movie screen at 5pm

Are you ObamaBlue or RomneyRed? Johnny Mack’s (1114 8th Avenue) has pitchers of rum punch in your candidate’s color of choice for $10 starting at 7pm.

Greenwood Park (555 7th Avenue) says to GO VOTE and then come watch the results with them. 2 for 1 drinks, $3 PBR tall boys and food specials all night.

Bar4 (444 7th Avenue) wants you to watch the election results “whilst being entertained, entertaining, or both”. If you want to participate in tonight’s open mic night, sign up starts at 7:30pm.

The Owl Farm (297 9th Street) will be “showing the fight in its entirety” tonight. The smackdown begins at 7pm.

Habana Tapas (685 5th Avenue) is showing the election results AND has $5.00 empanadas.

Know of any others we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.