Wheelers Throws “Wing in the Ring”

Local bar and grill Wheelers (1707 Sheepshead Bay Road), famous for their No Sushi sign, has entered the “Throw Your Wing Into The Ring” Chicken Wing Competition. Apparently the hipster scum up in North Brooklyn think they make the best wings around. Boy are they in for a fight!

Wheelers is going to be the only South Brooklyn establishment represented in the competition, so we’re calling on everyone from Starrett City to Bensonhurst to rally behind our chosen warrior.

And ladies, your hubby is going to wine and dine you and a variety of other things he doesn’t want to do on Sunday. So give him the perfect pre-Valentine’s Day date. Bring your muchacho to the competition to sample all the chicken wings Brooklyn has to offer and cheer on our neighborhood representative!

Let’s show them who the real chickens are! (Uh, we mean the North “Brooklynites” who moved here ’cause they were scared of “real life” in Omaha or wherever…)

When: Saturday, Februarty 13 at 3 p.m.
Where: Red Star Bar, 37 Greenpoint Avenue (between Franklin and West Streets)
Cost: FREE!


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