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Wheated Pizzeria Coming to Church Ave


Wheated, a new restaurant and bar, is going to open at 905 Church Ave, just off Coney Island Avenue, in the former location of the notoriously elusive ice cream joint NYC Icy.

There’s a sign posted on the roll-down gate stating that Wheated is applying for a liquor license for a restaurant. The applicants’ names are David Sheridan and Kim McAdam, the husband and wife duo opening Wheated.

“Wheated will be focused on pizza and cocktails and is a reflection of our interests,” says David. “As first time restaurateurs, it is important to us to ground the concept in areas we are passionate about. Kim and I have been known to travel cross-country to sample a pizza or experience a cocktail bar. With Wheated, we are looking to offer a well-made drink, exceptional pizza, and comfortable surroundings. Easy to write — time will tell how well we do with this.”

Church Avenue was suggested as the ‘next big thing’ to the couple over a year ago. When realtors make assertions like that, the right reaction is generally skepticism. However, as businesses such Am Thai and Lark open up on the strip, it has become obvious that Church Avenue is growing quickly. So even though the couple lives in Gravesend, Church Avenue made sense as a launching pad for Wheated. Its closest competition, while different, will be the long-established Rocky’s pizzeria, diagonally across Coney Island Avenue.

“Wheated’s pizza is based in my research and experience as a pizza loving amateur,” says David. In fact, David’s amateur love of pizza is well documented. Slice interviewed him about a backyard pizza oven he built in 2010. With the big brick dome oven in his backyard, David has cooked for friends and neighbors while honing his craft.

“Starting out in our friend’s kitchen and progressing to our backyard with a pizza oven I built, my wife and I hosted many pizza tastings while honing recipes and acquiring feedback,” says David. He hosted weekend pizza parties, usually for about 10 lucky people.

David also manned the pizza ovens at Paulie Gee’s pizzeria in Greenpoint every couple of weeks, an irregular but key step in his pizza apprenticeship.

Bay News said David’s backyard pie could be the best pizza in Brooklyn and lamented that David wasn’t selling it at that point. The best in Brooklyn? That’s a lot to live up to — especially in these parts — but you’ll never catch us complaining about more top tier pizza in the neighborhood.

In addition to wowing hungry critics, David’s backyard pizza lab experiments seems to have yielded results.

“A recent combination that was well received at a tasting was a white pie with Italian sausage, quick pickled green tomatoes, and local sweet corn,” David explained. “Another was a red sauce pie with garlic, smokey bacon, and pan roasted okra. That one had an okra hater rethinking her stance.”

David, a self-described foodie, details the pie he hopes to produce on Church Ave.

“The pizza will not be cooked in a wood-fired oven, but instead a high temperature electric pizza oven,” he says. “Our goal is to have a crust that is a little sturdier than a traditional Neapolitan style but still have many qualities only high temperature baking can create. I should mention, we will not be selling pizza by the slice but by the pie only.”

Wheated is only now in the earliest stages of rebuilding the space. David expects work to begin at the end of the week. For those of you who are hungry after seeing and reading all of this, go grab another slice: the estimated opening date is the beginning of 2013.

Photos: Pizza from David’s backyard oven, David preparing a pie for visitors at his home, and Bay News coverage of David’s pizza party, all via Facebook. 

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  1. We are so excited for Wheated! We wish David and Kim the best during build out. Three words: we can’t wait! Go Church Avenue!

  2. Cannot wait for this. And hoping for delivery…

    I also deeply miss the mango basil and would welcome any chance to have it for dessert after that sausage/corn/pickled tomatoes pie.

  3. I’m more than excited. I lived down the street from Lucali in Carroll Gardens for three years and this looks like it has the potential to make up for that personal loss.

    And I’m gonna disagree with Brenda on both counts:

    1) Don’t worry about slices. Historically, pizza wasn’t always sold by the slice and not selling it that way encourages people to actually sit down and eat rather than just grabbing and going. There are plenty of places to grab a slice. This just won’t be one of those places. Plus, did you see the size of the pies in the photos? It’s not like they’re super huge pies.

    2) Let’s all let NYC Icy go. Not every restaurant has to be a one-stop shop. Wheated, just do pizza and do it well. Folks can go next door to Lark for some ice cream if they want.

  4. Yeah, totally this! It’s very difficult to make good pizza by the slice, it’s supposed to be eaten hot, those pies that have been sitting on the counter for two hours then get reheated are a different (and dare I say inferior) product altogether.

    Anyhow, that pie in the picture looks pretty badass, can’t wait to check out this joint.

  5. Yahoo! Something to consider, despite the “wheated’ name: a gluten-free crust option. It’s very hard to eat gluten free on Cortelyou. Make it happen on Church and you will have a thrilled and loyal cohort.

  6. I’m really hoping that they take credit cards! Then I’d be a permanent customer. Cash is a hot commodity nowadays and it’s the reason why I don’t go to Di Fara too much any more.

  7. Delivery would be great – but they’ll have to be super-speedy, because these pies get moist with condensation really quickly. It’ll be a challenge. I used to live close to the Motorino in Brooklyn (it’s gone now) and we lived only 4 short blocks away, so delivery still worked.

  8. Thank you everyone for the kind words and the encouragement. They are heartening to read. I can not express how much Kim and I are looking forward to being part of the neighborhood.
    To address a few of the questions – I do not foresee Wheated offering slices. There are several reason for this including that our concept is to be a sit down rather than a grab and go spot. We do plan to accept credit cards. Our dessert offering is an open issue but I am fairly certain NYC ICY is not being made at this time. We will offer to go and see delivery as a something to work towards.

  9. great. looking 4ward to it, but it’s not about slices; just about calling to pick up a great pie during your open hours to take home and enjoy… hope you consider how much of the biz is about that since we may LOVE the food you make/bake but still would prefer it in our own kitchen and at our own tables..


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