What’s Your Favorite Corner?

What’s Your Favorite Corner?

Since photographer Beja B moved to Brooklyn from Hungary seven years ago, she’s learned that one thing that cops and parents seem to repeat: “Be aware of your surroundings.” But it’s not just about being safe when she’s walking around with her camera–it’s also about looking at the small details that surround her.

It’s one of those details that marked her favorite spot in the neighborhood. When we were hit with that major blizzard in December 2010, Beja went for a walk around the area and got to the wooden wall that surrounds the patio of The Castello Plan. At the time, they had an old teapot sitting on the wall, used as a flower pot.

“The teapot was totally covered with snow,” Beja said. “And I don’t know why, but I will never forget that image.”

As a photographer, she’s in the business of making images that stay around forever. She mostly works on portraits, and particularly loves working with children–she previously worked as a baby-sitter, so she has a knack with kids.

“It is so great,” said Beja, who’s been doing photography full-time for about three years. “It was really hard to make the decision to take that adventure, but I had the support of my husband. He really believes in me so much. It makes a big difference. Sometimes I need serious ass-kicking, and he’s there.”

Ditmas Park X

Her husband, Tony, has also helped her fall in love with our neighborhood, where he has lived since he was very young. Beja appreciates the history she sees on our blocks, and the two of them enjoy the time the get to take it all in as they take their dog, Gravy for walks.

“If you want a favorite corner, I’ll steal my husband’s,” Beja said. “We both like Albemarle and Rugby. When Gravy was a puppy, we were teaching him commands to come. I was on on one corner, my husband on the other, and we taught him to run back and forth between us.”


Don’t be surprised if you bump into Beja and Gravy one day near that corner–she, like many of us, loves the Flatbush Malls.

“Albemarle is awesome,” she said. “I just want to bring a book and sit in the grass in the middle.”

All photos above, except the one of her, are by Beja. To see more of her work, check out her website, her Flickr, and her Facebook.


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