What’s the Best Playground in Park Slope?

What’s the Best Playground in Park Slope?

J.J. Byrne: as much fun to look at as to play on?

DNAinfo breaks down the Park Slope playground options, and concludes…well, that Park Slope has some playgrounds.

Of the big local three, J.J. Byrne Playground at Washington Park gets what seem to be the most enthusiastic raves:

The parenting blog Mommy Poppins dubbed J.J. Byrne a “destination playground” that’s worth a visit even if you don’t live nearby.
“My kid had a blast exploring this marvelous playground and so did I. …A lot of the equipment is just as much fun to look at as play on,” the reviewer wrote.

Park Slope Playground (behind P.S. 282 between Berkeley, Lincoln, 5th Ave, and 6th Ave) garners something more like lukewarm approval. Said one playground-going dad:

I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, but the kids like it…There are things to climb on and there are amenities.

The third major contender: the not-quite-in-the-neighborhood Vanderbilt Playground in Prospect Park, which was recently ranked among the city’s top 25 by Time Out New York Kids. According to DNAinfo:

Parents were pleased with equipment like the spinning platter and “giant geodesic rope climbing structure.”

(TONY was a little more unabashedly enthusiastic in their assessment, praising Vanderbilt’s “crazy spinners,” “mega climbing structure,” and “antenna-like sprinklers bursting from the ground.”)

Do  you agree? What’s your family’s favorite place to play in (or not in) the neighborhood?


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