What’s That NYPD Scooter On Sheepshead Bay Rd?

We’ve been peppered with questions these last few months about that empty NYPD scooter on Sheepshead Bay Road, in front of the Bally’s Total Fitness (1720 Sheepshead Bay Road). Everyone wants to know why it’s there.

Well, we finally got around to asking officials about the so-called “dummy” scooter. A police source tells Sheepshead Bites that the gym has seen a spate of grand larceny incidents throughout 2010. Someone, the source said, has been breaking into lockers and stealing wallets and other personal property.

To combat the threat, officers parked the empty scooter in front of the gym several months ago as a deterrent, and, in combination with a few other things they’re doing, it seems the sneaky stealer has gone into hiding; the incident rate has gone down.

That’s one mystery solved. Go Sheepshead Bites!