What’s Next for Triangle Sporting Goods?

What’s Next for Triangle Sporting Goods?

photo via HPS

Triangle Sporting Goods at the intersection (triangle) of Dean, Flatbush, and Fifth, is closed forever, reports Here’s Park Slope. The store, which opened in 1916 selling army surplus before shifting towards the “charmingly cramped hodgepodge of sporting goods and work clothes” we knew more recently, shut its gates for the final time more than a week ago, says the blog. Since then, calls have gone unanswered.

It’s the end of an era — Triangle was one of the oldest establishments in Brooklyn. But for at least one HPS commenter, the store had reached its natural end: “I dont think anyone whos been in Triangle lately could honestly argue it wasnt its time to move on [sic].”

So what will replace Triangle at the rapidly-changing intersection across from what’s about to be Barclay’s? It’s still unclear. “Uber-landlord” Michael Pintchik, who was interviewed by the Times about the fate of the property back in March, recently told The Real Deal he’d rejected a bid from MacDonald’s, and the Daily News says he turned down a proposal from Hooter’s for the spot. Pintchik’s mentioned his desire for an Apple Store to go in there (he was “only half-joking,” according to the Times). But HSP reports that’s not to be: “‘I’ve heard it will be a restaurant, but that’s it.”


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