What Causes Traffic on Nostrand Avenue? Councilmembers want to fix these issues.

EAST FLATBUSH — City Councilmen Chaim Deutsch and Jumaane Williams, on Thursday, requested the Department of Transportation take another look at Nostrand Avenue, which they believe could be improved. And they want the cops to get with the program on traffic enforcement.

Their first request concerns Kings Highway and Nostrand Avenue intersection, where changes were made leading up to the B82 Select Bus Service rollout on October 1. The Department of Transportation installed a bus lane, pedestrian island and modified the signal patterns.

“I’m working with my colleague Jumaane Williams by speaking to DOT about an immediate study of traffic patterns that disrupt thousands of motorists and pedestrians,” said Deutsch.

Snapshot: The Twitter account of Councilman Chaim Deutsch.

Traffic stalls along Nostrand Ave. as far back as Quentin Rd. — two blocks away from the Kings Hwy. and Nostrand Ave. intersection, Deutsch insists.

“I was able to visit the site yesterday and saw serious issues,” said Williams, referring to the Kings Highway and Nostrand intersection. “It’s clear that this redesign—though well-intentioned—had unintended consequences, and my office is working with DOT to implement solutions.”

“As part of the B82 SBS implementation, Nostrand Ave and Kings Hwy were improved to enhance bus service as well as pedestrian safety following a 2017 fatality,” a DOT spokesperson told Bklyner. “DOT recently installed new signal infrastructure and made timing adjustments at this intersection and in the surrounding area.

“It is also important to note that the B82 SBS just launched last week, and we have found that it takes drivers some time to adjust to changes,” said a DOT spokesperson pushed back. “We will continue to monitor conditions and make adjustments where appropriate.”

Google Maps snapshot of Nostrand Avenue between Avenues M & N.

The other area of concern is traffic congestion on Nostrand Avenue between Avenues M and Avenue N, which could perhaps be better described as a parking lot for auto dealers that line that block of Nostrand Avenue. The frequent double parking affects the flow of traffic.

Lawmakers are calling on the 63rd and 70th precinct to add traffic enforcement in the area.

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Kadia Goba

Former Politics Reporter for Bklyner, covering Brooklyn politics and Crown Heights/PLG/Bed Stuy. @kadiagoba


  1. Nostrand Avenue between Avenues M and N is a disaster area. The auto dealers must be paying off law enforcement to allow them to consistently double park. I am in need of driving along that route on an almost daily basis and have no alternative option. Recently, I tore off the right side mirror of my auto attempting to squeeze by a double parked truck in front of the auto dealer. The dealership appears to be expanding on a continual basis.

  2. What about Nostrand and Church? It’s almost always impassible because illegal cabs double park to try to pick up riders exiting the subway. Traffic backs up for blocks just to get though there. A little enforcement would go a long way.

  3. How about a $1000 fine for double parking, with increasing fines for multiple violations?
    I’ve been driving in Brooklyn since the mid 90s, and while 10-50% of drivers continuously break laws, some of us really do try to obey the laws and be respectful.
    And don’t get me started on the low-lifes who CUT IN LINE!!!

  4. They need to remove the median they created on Nostrand and make that a left turning lane. They will also need to make a left turn light as its almost impossible during the day to make a left from Nostrand on to kings highway in either direction. Should be real simple and am in shock DOT can’t figure it out. Of course police ticketing would help between M and N as it would all through Coney Island Ave. Only reason I see it bot happening now are the retailers complaining and community leaders getting paid off.

  5. Nostrand has always been a hot mess. It’s one of those parking lot avenues like Caton that are better off being avoided and also living as far away from as possible. If you ever look at co-op prices for apartments near Nostrand they’re significantly cheaper than other apartments in the same neighborhood.

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