Whaddya Want?

As it says in the blurb to the right, Sheepshead Bites, the Bay’s first and only blog, will cover community meetings, development issues, local politics, interesting people, happenings and cool new places. But while that’s a mouthful, it’s not exactly saying much of substance. Which issues? What angle – if any – will we take on the meetings? Who are these so-called “interesting people”? What the heck is a “happening”?!

Well, dear readers, while we’ve got some ideas of our own, we’d much rather hear yours. So hit us up, and tell us exactly what you’d like us to cover and how you’d like us to cover it. Also, feel free to tell us about any neat-o features you’d like to see on the site, what you think of the site design, what community-related websites and papers you read, and where you think coverage is in short supply. Got nothing to say? Don’t fret! Feel free to just say hi and let us know who you are.

We can’t wait to hear from you, Sheepshead Bay!

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