EXCLUSIVE: State Senator Salazar’s Team And Agenda

EXCLUSIVE: State Senator Salazar’s Team And Agenda

BUSHWICK — On November 6, State Sen. Julia Salazar was elected the youngest female New York state senator in history. She turned 28-years-old on December 30.

Bklyner spoke to her new chief of staff, Boris Santos, who gave us some insight on what’s to come for the freshman senator serving Northern Brooklyn.

  • Keeping in stride with her campaign agenda, the state senator plans to focus on rent laws in Albany. In particular, she wants to tackle the flip tax to disincentivize people from flipping houses in a short time, a real estate strategy he says plagues Northern Brooklyn.
  • As the new chair of the state’s Women’s Health Subcommittee, the lawmaker wants to focus on contraceptive and reproductive health issues. Salazar will re-introduce the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act, formerly (bill S3668), a bill she plans to lead sponsor. She’ll also be involved in the Reproductive Health Act.
  • Election reform is also at the head of her agenda, Santos said.

The state will officially swear-in new elects on January 9. Salazar will hold her official in-district inauguration on Jan. 20. Her team will make the official announcement soon via social media said Santos, who previously worked for City Councilman Antonio Reynoso.

While they are still figuring out the logistics on the district office, they’ve settled on a temporary space in Bushwick on Wilson Avenue between Putnam Avenue and Cornelia Street. The staffer did not confirm the building address as leasing agreements are still pending.

So far, Salazar has a little over 10 staff members including Santos and Guillermo Martinez, who will take the role a new legislative director. She’s looking to fill two additional spots, a secretarial position in Albany and constituent services in the district. Those interested can apply here.

Meanwhile, she’s building a staff of “mobilizers that fit our agenda,” Santos said. Salazar has selected “pinpoint people” throughout the senatorial district. They’ll be responsible for organizing forums, town halls, rallies, pressers, including organizing merchant and tenant associations.

  • Alvin Peña: CB1 covering Williamsburg and Greenpoint
  • Ramon Pebenito: CB4 covering Northern Bushwick
  • Ramses Dukes: CB4 covering Southern Bushwick & parts of Bedford Stuyvesant
  • Jessica Franco: CB5 covering East New York and Cypress Hills

Additional staff include:

  • Isabel Anreus – Director of Constituent Services
  • Gabbi Zutrau – Communications Officer
  • Mark Mishler – Counsel

“They all have some relation to the community whether they were born and raised there or are already organizing in some capacity,” Boris said.


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