West Nile Virus Found In Dyker Heights

Source: US Department of Agriculture via Wikimedia Commons

Department of Health officials found the West Nile Virus at zip code 11228 in Dyker Heights on August 3. It was detected in Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Heights and Starrett City as well.

The DOH used an aerial larviciding technique to rid the area of mosquito larvae on August 8. According to their website, aerial larviciding is “dropping natural bacterial granules by helicopter to marshes and other large natural areas to kill mosquito larvae before they grow into adult mosquitoes. Does not take place in the residential areas of NYC.”

Residents of other neighborhoods like Windsor Terrace have been peeved about the confusing West Nile spray communications the DOH releases, and in this instance, the communication is not clear either. It seems the Dyker Beach Golf Course may have been the area that was treated, although the 11228 zip code extends beyond the golf course.

After being bitten by a mosquito, symptoms of West Nile appear similar to the flu, ranging from headaches, fever, muscle aches and fatigue. Though, not all of those afflicted will experience any symptoms.

West Nile Virus can be deadly so anyone exhibiting symptoms should get to a doctor.

The DOH advises residents to wear long long pants and sleeves around dusk, drain or dump standing water and repair window screens to avoid being bitten.