Werkstatt, The New Austrian Restaurant On Coney Island Avenue, Unveils Its Menu

Chef Thomas Ferlesch will soon open Werkstatt, an Austrian restaurant at 509 Coney Island Avenue.
Chef Thomas Ferlesch will soon open Werkstatt, an Austrian restaurant at 509 Coney Island Avenue.

Get ready, neighbors: you’ll soon be able to down everything from giant pretzels to beef goulash, wiener schnitzels, apple strudel and more at Werkstatt, the new Austrian restaurant that is slated to soon open its doors at 509 Coney Island Avenue.

After talking to neighbor and chef Thomas Ferlesch, who has decades of experience working as one of the top chefs in the city, including as the executive chef at the Upper West Side’s historic Café Des Artistes, about the new eatery last month, we’ve been excited to find out more about the restaurant. Luckily for us, Werkstatt just unveiled its menu on its website, and there is a whole lot of yum happening there.

It looks like there’s a huge range of items, including such appetizers as a $9 giant pretzel, $12 pan fried brussels sprouts with sweet and spicy chili peppers and smoked paprika with a lemon habanero aioli, and a $7 matzoh ball soup.

As for the main courses? There’s beef goulash with spatzle ($18), a housemade bratwurst with country bread ($13), and a rosemary roasted free range chicken with basmati rice and argula ($17), among other options.

And, of course, there are the schnitzels: you can take your pick among a wiener schnitzel, cod filet schnitzel, celery root schnitzel, or chicken schnitzel. All are $16, except for the cod, which is $17.

There’s a ton more that you can see on the website, from pork belly, cod and grilled avocado tacos (3 for $15), to salads and desserts.

For those of you who want to kick back with a drink, the menu lists $7 draft beers (including Six Point Sweet Action, Schofferhofer Grapefruit and Hofbrau original) to $9 glasses of wine (or a $22 half-liter carafe), and cocktails that vary from a $9 dark and stormy to a $12 Green & Amber (vodka, single-malt scotch, honey, lemon, and green tea).

The opening date hasn’t been set yet, but we’re told it could be as early as the end of next week. As soon as we know for sure, we’ll let you know!

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Anna Gustafson

Editor of Ditmas Park Corner


  1. Seems a bit all over the map on pricing. The taco’s are a bit pricey considering what most tacos go for. Also make me scratch my head as to even why have it. Otherwise it depends if the quality is in line with pricing. I’m sure changes will be made when they determine what works best.

  2. The apps seem expensive since they cost nearly as much as the mains. It would depend on how big they are, of course, but what’s the point of calling something an appetizer if it’s as filling as the main course?

  3. Likely some were meant for sharing. Others are seafood and usually have a higher price than normal. Time shall tell and there is a picture of the pretzel on sight. Its a plateful in size and agreeably a bit much for something of an appetizer, unless split among friends.

  4. Depends on the quality and portion size, as well as your basis for comparison. Compared to some of the other restaurants in the nabe and in other parts of Brooklyn, their prices are pretty much in line.

  5. Disappointed to see the high prices, typical beer list and what looks to be a desire to make this a fancy restaurant. I was hoping it would be more like Black Forest in Fort Greene which has an amazing array of outstanding German beers, plus a lot of affordable dining options in addition to nice entrees and $9 giant pretzels. Black Forest has wurst and fries for $9 all the time, which is perfect when you want to treat yourself to an extraordinary beer and not throw down $20 for an entree. I really hope this place ramps up their beer list and adds affordable sausage meals to their menu.

  6. Holy hot cakes Batman! The prices for these items are mind blowing. Really, this isn’t Manhattan and it’s in a working class neighborhood. And then I had a look at the taco prices. 3 freaking tacos for $15!?? This Angeleno does not approve at all!

  7. Keep up the good deleting, Mary. When a sentence is repeated too often, it becomes gibberish or a parody of itself and does a legitimate idea real harm.

    And maybe it indeed is a Brooklyn-bred white supremicist — though there are precious few of those — trying to make us all sick of hearing the refrain “Black lives matter.” In which case, delete away, and the quicker the better.

  8. If you think white supremacists are behind the Black Lives Matter movement, you must be off your meds–or intentionally trying to discredit the movement.

  9. Ah yes, you poor thing. It does get old hearing about all of these black
    men dying at the hands of police, doesn’t it? It’s bad enough that
    people are dying, but do we have to keep talking about it?! Can’t black
    men be more courteous and simply die in silence?

    Sorry if BLM has “gotten on your nerves”.

  10. You’re boring, dude. And this is in reply to the last two comments, since they were made by the same person.

  11. Hell nah, I won’t go. If I want some tacos, I’ll get them super authentic at Tacos El Bronco. $1.50 each too! If I want anything else off that menu, they can be had at other fine and nice places. I wonder how long this place will last. hmmm

  12. Oh stop, silly. I am trying to discredit nothing except a refrain whose very ubiquity makes me suspicious of its intention. Same goes for you, JayGee. I’d prefer that no one get shot — by anyone.

    Go and tutor a kid or two. You’ll make more of a difference than if you just keep retyping the same sentence everywhere.

  13. So it’s the “ubiquity” of a “refrain” that makes you “suspcious”. In other words, people are talking so much about black lives mattering that it makes you suspicious. Am I interpreting you correctly here? If so, please help me understand the basis of your suspicion. Yes, yes, I realize that everyone here is a troll, is evil, up to no good, etc. Still, I’d at least like to understand the position you’re (pretending?) to hold.

  14. I guess you missed the word “legitimate” in my original post. I said that the “black lives matter” movement is legitimate. End of story.

  15. Sounds like it’s “legitimate” just so long as it isn’t in your backyard. We know what you’re about. Pathetic.

  16. The same comments came up when the Farm, Purple Yam, Oxcart opened: “too expensive” “this is a “working class” neighborhood,” etc. etc. Last I looked, the restaurants are still open and thriving.

  17. This menu looks DELICIOUS. I have to say as a vegetarian I was not super optimistic because traditionally this cuisine is pretty meat-o-centric. It looks like they have made a lot of effort to offer veggie options, which I really appreciate! I will definitely be going. These prices are in line for the type of restaurant it aspires to be, and there is no reason it can’t succeed here, as a number of other places have, after people complained about various things before their openings (Wheated, Farm on Adderley, Lark…). It doesn’t have to be all things to all people.

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