We're Stars! Sheepshead Bites On TV

Brian Vines, host of Brooklyn Independent Television’s Intersect show, contacted me a few weeks back. He wanted to know about the Voorhies Avenue mosque, and invited me down to the studio to discuss it. When I got there, though, I discovered it was an ambush. Vines was having me on as part of a panel discussion, alongside Courier-Life’s Tom Tracy and New York Observer’s Dana Rubinstein. What’s more, the mosque was only a teeny, tiny segment of a larger discussion about recent news in Brooklyn.

Well, I kicked butt. Watch the video. My nerves got to me at first, and I wasn’t as articulate as I would’ve liked, but I think I made some important points. Not to mention, I got to bring up the damage at Plumb Beach, which no one outside of our neighborhood seems to know about.